Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral has been a living heritage and a foundation of faith for many people. Many baptisms, confirmations, weddings, ordinations, funerals and other Liturgical celebrations had been performed. This great Catholic church dedicated to our Lady of the Atonement had been the second in the world and has been a tourist destination for many foreigners and tourist from all over the Country. This site will now stand for the first time as a source of information to catholic faithful all over the world and tourist guide and inquiry for those who are planning to have their weddings, baptisms and other services provided by the church. Schedules and guidelines are provided for easier and more helpful visiting.


Indeed destined to have a blessed and magnificent church as a haven for Catholic lineage, Baguio has made it way successfully to this Church with the invaluable missions of three CICM (Congregacio Immaculati Cordis Marriae) missionaries who started it all.

  • Rev. Fr. Oktaaf Vandelwalle,
  • Fr. Serafin Devesse and
  • Fr. Henry Verbeck,

whole heartedly rendered their services to begin a mission on the famous resort city in the Philippines, Baguio City.

As they have arrived here on November 16, 1907 were warmly welcomed by Mr. Petrelli in La Trinidad Valley, they have also relished the spirits of many Catholic Inhabitants in Baguio City, for their mission was to build a Catholic Church on the house of a respected retired treasurer along Session Road, As a matter of fact, the first baptism recorded was held on the living room of this house which turned out to be a temporary chapel dedicated to St. Patrick. The said baptism was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Oktaaf Vandelwalle on a child named Wiliam Lewis on November 25, 1907.

The Virtuous Baguio mission was made possible on a residence along the session road and with great sincerity and humbleness, Fr. Serafin Devesse stood blissfully, as the First rector of the mission.

In 1908, he remodeled the retired treasurer’s house into a chapel, a convent as well as a school for boys. By 1911, more and more students came streaming to this school for boys which is now recognized as the Saint Louis University. And as the years flew swiftly, this school has grown into a very vast one. Not only for boys but also for girls as well.

On the blessed day of October 5, 1953 Fr. Florimund Carlu was appointed as the next mission rector for the Baguio mission. He enlarged the chapel, Fr Serafin Devesse has started for four more times. This was great because a great number of people are going to the Church every now and then. This was again dedicated to St. Patrick, which turned out to be a patron Saint of Baguio.

By 1919 F. Carlu also started the campaign for the construction of the “Church on top of the hill”, this hill is also called Mount Mary.

Baguio Cathedral would not also be completed perfectly without the invaluable help and support of Rev. Fr. Leo Valdemans, CICM who is at the same time an architect and engineer and thus drafted the design of Cathedrals plan.

A great help was also contributed by Fr. Adolph Cansse, a recognized civil engineer who implemented Fr. Valdeman’s plans.

Fr Paul Watson, the founder of the church unity octave who donated $12.00 whole heartedly, and of course the two CICM brothers and 25 Igorot carpenters who gave their full support and strength for the magnificent construction of the Cathedral.

In 1924, the twin towers of the Cathedral were successfully built. Also, the Holy Sanctuary and Altar were splendidly ready. Due to this fact, four bells from Belgium soon arrived. They were gracefully donated by two of Fr. Carlu’s friends, Messrs. Hausermann and Bean, who was both non-Catholics. Three of these bells were installed placed in the Cathedral while the other must have been both to other Church, the three bells that were installed were given names in great honor to some of our saints. They were named Me Fudit ,,, St. Johannes/St. John… Baguio MCMXXXII, Me Fudit ,,, Patricius Patronus Civitatus Baguio/ St. Patrick, patron of Baguio City ,,, Baguio MCMXXXII and Me Fudit ,,, St. Walterius ,,, Baguio MCMXXXII, In connection with these great Imp